Environmental is the E in the Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) model and for Brav it also refers to the UN Sustainability Development Goal #12 Sustainable Consumption and Production, ensuring responsible consumption and production patterns. To Brav, this means striving towards the most environmental friendly and durable materials, efficient energy saving manufacturing, and avoiding overproduction. It also refers to the UN Sustainability Development Goal #13 Climate Action. For Brav this means to analyse and strive to measurably and considerably reduce our climate footprint through innovation and science.

BRAV ESG Model Environmental_v3
Our strategy 2021-2024 gives us clear directions in our Responsibility work.

We chose Chain of Custody (CoC)/Product certifications to ensure traceability, open for 3rd party control, and communicate our means to reduce the negative impact of our products on the environment.

How do we monitor and report?
  • Annual GHG Emissions Accounting – please find the reports here.
  • KPI Roadmap achievements
Our goals for a sustainable development are: 

Nature and work environment

  • We provide our customers with products that are safe to use. Our brands and products are to ensure a good reputation when it comes to taking care of nature.
  • We operate in accordance with all current and any future laws and regulations relating to the environment, and we contribute actively to the reduction of unwanted substances in the natural environment.
  • Our products are produced in a secure manner and with little or no impact on the surroundings.
  • Our products are produced in a manner that ensures good animal welfare.

We shall be at the forefront to deliver innovative and long lasting products with a high and consistent level of quality at the right time, that are meeting or exceeding the expectations of our customers, while acting transparently, responsible and never compromising nature. 

Protecting the environment is a fundamental prerequisite and a matter of course for our business. We will strive to reduce our carbon footprint, prevent pollution, and reduce the amount of waste generated as a result of production and use of our products and services. 

We shall be our customers and suppliers preferred partner and traveling companion on their journey of turning dreams into memories. 

Through smooth processes and systematic work, close communication and cooperation within our organization and value chain, we will continuously work with improvements of our quality and environmental management systems to ensure compliance at all times, sustainable growth, and sustained success for all stakeholders.

The purpose of the Brav Circularity Model is to visualize our journey from a linear towards a circular business model, and the different aspects of circularity.
In the Brav Strategy 2020-2024 our ambition is to act responsible, and by 2024 we are considered to be in the forefront in selected areas in sustainable business practices.
One of the key initiatives is to implement principles for a circular product life cycle.
To get there we have to transfer ourselves from today’s linear (with some recycled and repair) economy to a fully circular economy. 
It all starts by having a circular mindset in everything we do.


Brav New Circularity Model



Brav’s slogan is turning dreams into memories and one of our biggest hopes is that our products will be useful to our customers for many memorable adventures.

The most sustainable choice all of us can make is to buy fewer things of high quality and to maintain and repair our belongings for as long as possible before replacing them. With this in mind, Brav brands create high quality functional products for the consumer with longevity.

Durability, maintenance and repair play important parts in Brav’s journey towards a circular business model.

Our brands have a long tradition for repair, for example we have been repairing Lundhags boots in our Järpen repair shop since the 1930’s and Helsport repair and spare parts have been available since 1970. We also offer Swix spare parts for poles and rollerskis, and Swix and Toko spare parts for tools.

Brav is always trying to design for easy repair and increasing the number of repair centres to meet the need for repair/maintenance and longevity on all the brands is a top priority for us.

To increase the lifetime of our products, we recommend to take good care of your products between each use and to use the Toko careline for maintenance and care where possible.

Historically, the use of fluorinated chemicals has been widespread in the outdoor industry, but we know that these chemicals can be harmful to our ecosystems and bioaccumulate in our outdoor spaces. Brav therefore has ambitions to fully phase out fluorine and per-fluorinated compounds in our products. Please read below to see how each of our product brands is proceeding in this endeavor:


Swix Logo Black

We have now removed all fluorine from our Swix ski lubricants and by Fall/Winter 2022/2023 all Brav ski lubricants will be manufactured without fluorinated chemicals. This means that none of the lubrication products that Swix produces, markets or sells will contain fluorine.
Our soft goods are also on a journey to fluoro free and we aim to phase out the use of fluoro-based water repellents in all our textile products by Fall/Winter 2024/2025.


Toko Logo Black

Toko is at the forefront of environmentally conscious care products and since 2021 all products are fluoro-free.


Lundhags Logo Black

Our Lundhags brand is built on a philosophy of sustainability and has been fluoro free since 2018.



Ulvang Logo Black

Ulvang rarely creates products that have any water-repellent finishes but when we do they are always fluoro free.


Helsport Logo Black_NEW

For Helsport, going fluoro free is a little bit more complicated as the durability of our tents is one of the greatest priorities for the consumer. We are working on moving all our products to fluoro free and the aim is that we can do this in our 2025 collections.