The BRAV Brands

As a leading house of brands within the sports and outdoor segment, Brav strives to beat, not meet, the competition. We are committed to creating quality, stylish and innovative products, ranging from apparel, to market leading sports technology. We do this while being conscious of our impact on the planet, our customers, and our athletes.

Swix Logo Black

Swix makes premium, performance sports equipment and apparel for active people who love to do their best — no matter the conditions. We are here to help you get the most out of your passion, by enabling you to show up perfectly prepared, every time.

Lundhags Logo Black

Lundhags is a Swedish outdoor brand founded 1932 in Jämtland. Through our knowledge and experience we’re a natural part of outdoor experiences for more than nine decades. Our passion and fascination for nature is there in every step.

Ulvang Logo White

We love being outside—fresh air, endless possibilities, activities and peace of nature. Therefore, we make wool apparel with superior functionality that feels just right, in any condition, so you never have to go inside again.

Helsport Logo White_NEW

Our story is the result of countless moments, meetings, tough expeditions, and slightly crazy ideas. All those small events that might be perceived as insignificant, but which in the end have created the Helsport we know and trust today. And we'll continue to provide comfort, when you’ve ventured far beyond your comfort zone.

Toko Logo White

Since TOKO was founded in 1916, our Swiss brand stands for continuous innovation and first-class quality. As a wax specialist we develop and produce a variety of products from beginner to high-tech waxes. TOKO is at home in the outdoor sector. Products from our Care Line have proven themselves in retaining continuous top functionality and long life for textiles, shoes and other equipment.

Skisporet Logo Black_New

Skisporet is your app to find when and where cross country ski tracks have been groomed. Through advanced GPS and mapping technology, 800 groomers provide live-updates for 25 000 kilometers of ski tracks across Norway.