About Brav Seasons

About BRAV

Brav is a major player in the sport and outdoor industry. We own and manage some of the most influential brands in the marketplace; Swix, Toko, Lundhags, Ulvang, Helsport, and the digital platform Skisporet.no. Our business is global with approximately 30% turnover from the Spring/Summer season and 70% from the Fall/Winter season.

Turning Dreams
Into Memories

Our Vision

Memories make us what we are. Dreams are what we want to be. Brav forms a link between the two—through the people that work here and the products we supply. We stimulate and develop the environment that lifts and encourages colleagues onwards towards a successful career. We are the purveyors of joy and memories to active families that play in and experience the outdoors. We are the travelling companion of adventurers fighting their way to the final goal of the expedition. We are the winning margin for top athletes striving to achieve Olympic Gold.

Our Mission

We aim to improve our customers quality of life. Acting responsibly, we do this by engaging and developing the best industry talents, and supporting them to evolve and deliver the most innovative products and services. Everything we do is to create the best foundation for our customers outdoor experience.

About Brav Mission

Our Values


We like to see all our people succeed, across company lines in the clan and regardless of position in the individual company. With a clearly- defined common goal, a diversity of opinions serves as the driving force to identifying ever better solutions. We are a community, a pack. As pack members, we learn from each other. Protect and take care of each other. Lift each other’s spirits. We achieve more as a group than we ever can alone.


Our employees have a passionate relationship with their work. It’s a unique situation when work and leisure activities are close to identical. This shall be recognised and encouraged. It’s from the passion that the desire to know, to learn springs, and from this, it’s just a short step forward to expertise and innovation. Passion is also a stimulant to the desire to improve – to try and achieve perfection.


We shall have the courage to challenge each other. The audacity to challenge our competitors. The will and courage to succeed in new markets. If we have the courage and purpose to embark on the challenging journeys, then we surely have the same will and courage to succeed.

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.”
–William GT Shedd

Our Name

'Brav' means courageous, just, valiant. The word is about courage, with more than a hint of a desire for adventure. We are typified by decisive action, courage, stamina and integrity.

Top Management

Erik Gunset Sønsterud (interim CEO)

Erik Sønsterud
CEO (Interim)

Julie Fjeld CFO Brav

Julie Fjeld

Marita Lundberg

Marita Lundberg
Supply Chain Director

Kenneth Sandvik

Kenneth Sandvik
Head of IT

Gina Loven
Managing Director
for Helsport/Ulvang

Gitte Thune
Managing Director
for Swix

Sara Wiksten
Managing Director
for Lundhags