Lundhags launches custom made trekking boots

Lundhags launches custom made trekking boots for customers with high demands or special needs. The ski-boot industry calls it boot-fitting and has done this for decades but it’s fairly new for the trekking boot industry. We call it called Custom Made Shell boots and the service will be available this autumn at


– We have a tradition of customizing boots for some customers with special requirements or needs. Now we develop this process further and scale it up to a product and offer it to a broader audience, says Mats-Håkan Lundhag, shoe developer and shoemaker.

– Every foot is unique but the boots haven’t been, until now when we make it possible to buy a boot, special-made and customized for just your foot. This will decrease the risk for blisters and pain during trekking and will give the customer an even greater trekking experience, says Mats-Håkan Lundhag, shoe developer and shoemaker.

The custom-made service will be available for all our Shell Boots models. Since 1932 Lundhags has developed boots for the tough Scandinavian nature. Since then we have produced more than a million boots and every now and then we get customers that don’t find the right fit in our collection. For some of them we have been able to offer customized boots but now we want to meet all of them and their needs.

Lundhags shell boots were first developed in the fifties and has been refined since then but the principle is still the same

  1. durable and repairable
  2. shaft in high-quality leather
  3. bottom in waterproof rubber
  4. quick dry (the perfect wade boot)
  5. stability when carrying a loaded backpack

Lundhags launched another service during the special year of 2020 – a “Book a meeting with our Boot experts-service”. Every week we have people wanting advice about which boot to choose which usually is a long process for many trekkers and hikers. It’s hard to find the right one when searching the internet.

A person who weighs 70 kg and walks 12 km during the course of the day generates a pressure of a total of 700 tons in each foot – the equivalent of 15 fully loaded trucks! When trekking you put a lot more weight on you so it’s really important that the boots fit.

Our vision is that they become a part of you, a partner you can trust for a long time – hopefully a whole life-time. A life-long companion.

Mats Håkan Lundhag, the grandson of the founder Jonas Lundhag in the shoemaking factory in Järpen, Jämtland, Sweden

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