Lundhags launches the initiative ”Pliking with Lundhags”

Press release November 2020
During the Black Friday weekend, Lundhags launches the initiative “pliking” – picking up litter and hiking – as a response to the increased litter in nature and a way to “disrupt” the shopping hysteria. The background is that the Corona pandemic has led to more and more people spending time in nature, which leads to increased litter in the nature. The organisation “Håll Sverige Rent” latest report, the Garbage Report 2020, also points out that increased nature tourism leads to increased litter.

– Nature and the wilderness are a fantastic source of recreation and recovery and we see how more and more people discover nature in these difficult times. What we also unfortunately see is increased wear and tear, which led us to start the PLIKING initiative. At the same time as I enjoy nature, I also take care of it and give something back by picking up rubbish, says Caroline Karlström, marketing manager at Lundhags.

Starting on Black Friday, Lundhags encourages everyone who wants to go out into nature to pick up rubbish under the initiative Pliking with Lundhags. The word pliking is an amalgamation of the words picking up litter and hiking (and closely related to “plogging” coined by Erik Ahlström for the same purpose *).

The goal of Pliking is to leave nature a little nicer than before, so nature must be just as wild, beautiful and unspoiled as it always has been. In order for as many people as possible to participate, Lundhags will raffle off 100 Baxen 22L backpacks to those who participate **. You participate by tagging a friend on Lundhag’s instagram and then take a picture of yourself and your bag of rubbish and tag “pliking”. For more information, visit Lundhags Instagram (@lundhags).

– We start the initiative on Black Friday as a way to “disrupt” the unsustainable shopping hysteria. We hope to inspire people to go out and enjoy nature instead of shopping and at the same time bring a bag and fill it with the rubbish you find.

During the last six months, we have seen an increased interest in nature. People who previously did not spend so much time in nature now seek out hiking trails, outdoor areas and cook over an open fire on the weekends. Lundhags, who has always encouraged people to go out and explore nature, thinks it is a fantastic development and wants to encourage people to continue to spend more time in nature, all year round.

Pliking Tips

  1. Feel free to bring children and friends
  2. Wear soft clothes depending on the weather
  3. Have a bag in your backpack that you fill with rubbish
  4. Wear gloves
  5. Leave the waste at the nearest recycling station


Lundhag’s 5 tips for sustainable consumption

  1. Buy products for a long time.
  2. Use them often and take care of them.
  3. Repair if they break.
  4. Once they have become wardrobe warmers, resell or give the garments to a close friend or aid organization.
  5. Recycle.


For more information, please contact:
Caroline Karlström: [email protected]

*) Plogging – Duty – litter and jogging.
**) Applies to the first 100 entries selected as winners by Lundhags competition jury (complete competition rules can be found at @lundhags)