Changes in Brav Sweden AB: Henrik Ottosson has been appointed Sales Manager New Markets

Stockholm, 26 October 2020

The Brav Group has gone from being organized around its various brands and subsidiaries to a functional structure. Brav’s subsidiaries have previously had their own leaders /management groups and strategies, but now a strategy is set for the entire group. Everyone within Brav works according to a common plan and towards the same goal – a much clearer and flatter organization has been implemented. This means that all subsidiaries, including Brav Sweden AB, are led by the management team in Brav, which is led by the CEO, Espen Falck Engelstad.

The traditional CEO role at Brav Sweden AB does no longer exists and former CEO Henrik Ottosson has instead been appointed Sales Manager New Markets in the new organization.

– It has been a fantastic journey with Lundhags and now I am really looking forward to taking on new challenges within Brav. I can continue to work with Lundhags and now also with our other brands that I know a lot about and continue to make a strong contribution to Brav’s development, says Henrik Ottosson.

Henrik Ottosson has been CEO of Lundhags / Brav Sweden AB since 2010 and has developed the brand in a meritorious way during this period. During his time as Brand Director and CEO, Henrik has driven and refined the brand’s craft tradition and put sustainability at the top of the agenda. It has created Lundhags clear identity as a sustainable brand based on an authentic history and a local craft tradition.

In 2012, Lundhags was acquired by Norwegian Swix Sport AS, today named Brav Norway AS, and since then Lundhags has been part of the Brav Group and has been an important part of the total turnover. Henrik was part of Group Top management until the organizational change on 15th of June 2020. Under Henrik’s leadership, Lundhags has had steady growth in all of its main markets, primarily the Scandinavian countries and Germany. In addition, Lundhags has also grown in new markets outside the EU.

– I am really looking forward to a rewarding collaboration with Henrik as he now goes on to focus entirely on the establishment and introduction of Lundhags, Swix, Toko, Ulvang and Helsport in new markets and existing emerging markets, says Brav Group CEO Espen Falck Engelstad.

Patrik Strand, Sales Manager Sweden has been appointed legal representative for Brav Sweden AB, it is an administrative role that, for example, will sign the company in Sweden.

For more information please contact;

Caroline Karlström,
Brand Marketing Manager – Lundhags, BRAV Sweden AB.
076-777 40 20
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