Brav cooperates with Ethical Trade Norway

Brav Norway AS (formerly Swix Sport AS) has been a member of Ethical Trade Norway (Etisk Handel Norge) Initiative since 2007. Through our membership, we want to and continuously strengthen our efforts to improve working and environmental conditions in our supply chain. As a member of Ethical Trade Norway, we have chosen to commit ourselves to work actively on improvements in the chain and we report annually to Ethical Trade Norway on our development with ethical trade work.



The Ethical Trading Initiative (Ethical Trade Norway) aims to promote responsible supply chains so that international trade contributes to safeguarding human and labor rights, sustainable development and sound environmental management.

Ethical Trade Norway is a member organization and Norway's largest network of companies, organizations and public enterprises that work in a committed and systematic manner to ensure sustainable supply chains. Together with the sister organizations Danish Initiative for Ethical Trade (DIEH) in Denmark and the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) in England, IEH is one of the world's largest networks in the area.

Being a member of Ethical Trade Norway involves tackling challenges in your own supply chain, and reporting openly about status and progress in the work. Membership commits to continuous improvement work and gives access to courses, networks and exchange of experience, seminars and advice. Ethical Trade Norway is a driving force for ethical trade, both towards the members, but also for the Norwegian authorities to facilitate ethical trade in general in the private and public sector.


Norwegian Church Aid took the initiative to establish Ethical Trade Initiative (IEH) in 2000 (now called Ethical Trade Norway), together with the main organization Virke (formerly HSH), LO and Coop Norge. Ethical Trade Norway is formally independent of, but cooperates closely with like-minded organizations nationally and internationally and with local expertise in many producer countries.


Download Ethical Trade Reports for Responsible Business Conduct - Annual reports:




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