Reporting of misconducts - Whistleblowing

We believe that transparency and good communication is key to foster a better workplace culture.

We expect our employees to report occurrences or suspicions of misconduct.

This could include violations of Brav’s organizational policies and procedures, as well as applicable laws and regulations. Examples of breaches include, but are not limited to fraud and corruption, harassment and discrimination, and violations of environmental and human rights laws.

Employees should report concerns to someone they trust in Brav, preferably directly to their line manager. Brav confirms that employees reporting potential misconduct are protected against retaliation and negative consequences.

Employees may also decide to report directly to: whistleblowing@brav.com

By using this email the HR department will confidentially process your concern.

Externally: The e-mail whistleblowing@brav.com is also available on our website, and is currently being communicated to the suppliers in our value chain. This is the main channel worldwide for raising complaint to
the enterprise.