Swix and Toko about fluoro in skiwax

In Brav we know that the future is fluoro free. That’s why for a long time we have been working on developing fluoro free products for Swix and Toko with the same high performance as fluoro products. We follow the EU regulations, and with FIS’ decision to ban fluoro in competitions we have intensified the development of fluoro free products. In Brav we are positive and welcome these changes, and here is more information about what this means for the stores.

1. EU regulation: Fluoro not containing PFOA is allowed

The new EU regulation is valid from 4th of July 2020. The law forbids sale of products with  PFOA over the limit value of 25 PPB (parts per billion).

FutureCera.jpg All products from Swix that are marked with "Fluor free" or “Future Cera” are approved for sale in stores after this date.


PFC Free_blue.jpg

For Toko all approved products are marked with "PFC-free", "Inside PFC 2020 Regulations", “Regulation PFC 2020” or "PFC 2020".

At the bottom of this article you will find a list of products that are no longer legal to sell according to the new law.

2. FIS and the fluoro ban:

The International Ski Federation (FIS) made a decision in November 2019 on a total ban of fluoro in all their disciplines from the season 2020/2021. This decision was in November 2020 postponed until next year due to delays in the development and confirmation of validity of the test equipment. The ban means that all products containing fluoro will be illegal in all FIS’ competitions from next season (2021/2022). This includes everything from World Cup races to long distance competitions like the Birkebeiner race and regional races. 

FIS and IBU (International Biathlon Union) put together a joint task force that are working on the implementation of the ban. First and foremost the ban will affect elite athletes and their support systems. In Brav we are confident that FIS and IBU will develop fair control systems, so that the best athletes can continue to win.

3. Short summary

The EU regulations allow sale and use of fluoro products that are within the new PFOA limits in stores after 4th of July 2020. Products containing fluoro will be banned from FIS competitions from 1st of May 2021.

For Swix and Toko the future is fluoro free

Most of the wax products from Swix and Toko are already, and have always been, fluoro free. More than 70% of the products in our assortment are completely without fluoro. Two years ago Swix launched the fluoro free CH Liquid series that quickly became a favorite for many skiers. Last year we launched the fluoro free Pure Marathon, which has proven to perform around the same level as the fluoro version Marathon. This year we are launching the new “Pro by Swix” system with three levels of fluoro free glide waxes: Performance Speed (PS), High Speed (HS) and Top Speed (TS). We have also launched a new fluroro free kickwax program VP. Toko is introducing a new fluoro free line called Triple X in 21/22 season. Toko will also be launching a new glider which is 100% biodegradable. In addition Toko already has the fluoro free line Base Performance that will be continued. All kickwaxes and klisters from Toko are allready fluror free. 

All our investments, research and development are being concentrated on developing fluoro free alternatives with the goal of finding new products and application methods that can outperform fluoro on all snow conditions.

We have taken the step into a fluoro free future.

Products which are illegal for sale after 4th of July 2020:


  • FC4X
  • FC5X
  • FC6X
  • FC7X
  • FC8X
  • FC10X
  • FC78
  • FC6XS - Turbo
  • FC8XS - Turbo
  • FC6AC - Rocket
  • FC8AC - Rocket
  • N2 - Zero Spray


  • 5503001 - HelX 2.0
  • 5503002 - HelX 2.0
  • 5503003 - HelX 2.0
  • 5503011 - Jetstream 2.0 Powder
  • 5503012 - Jetstream 2.0 Powder
  • 5503013 - Jetstream 2.0 Powder
  • 5503021 - Jetstream 2.0 Bloc
  • 5503022 - Jetstream 2.0 Bloc
  • 5503023 - Jetstream 2.0 Bloc

The list includes Swix and Toko products which are in catalogue 19/20.

All older powder products than the ones listed here are illegal.