Our targets

We at Brav are very concerned about our social responsibility. As a supplier of sports equipment, we want to ensure good working conditions for the workers who develop our products. With our ethical trade work, we support human rights, labor rights, the environment and development throughout the value chain. It is both about our close relationship with nature and that we care about each other

Our goals for a sustainable development are:

Nature and work environment

  • We provide our customers with products that are safe to use. Our brands and products are to ensure a good reputation when it comes to taking care of nature.
  • We operate in accordance with all current and any future laws and regulations relating to the environment, and we contribute actively to the reduction of unwanted substances in the natural environment.
  • Our products are produced in a secure manner and with little or no impact on the surroundings.
  • Our products are produced in a manner that ensures good animal welfare.

Ethical trade and anti-corruption

  • We work actively to ensure that our products are produced in compliance with acknowledged standards for ethical trade.

  • Especially, we contribute to the extinction of forced labor, child labor, discrimination, unsafe and unhealthy working environments, and wages below the poverty line.

  • We have zero tolerance for corruption.
    Our main external partners are IEH (Ethical Trading Initiative – Norway), and Swerea for chemical issues.


List of suppliers
AB Sparta – Lithuania
AS Paragon Nordic – Norway
Asiana International – Taiwan
B. & C. S.r.l. – Italy
Bula Sports USA Inc. – Canada
Bümag AG – Germany
Bürstenfabrik Erzinger AG – Switzerland
Cayenne International Inc. – Taiwan
Dandong Jiayuan Foreign trade – China
Mengdi Group – China
Dongguan City Maite Sports Co. Ltd China
Easy Carry Enterprises Limited – Thailand
Emanate International Ltd – China
Eusebio – Bangladesh
Ferreira E Correia L.Da – Portugal
Form Orange Produktentwicklung – Austria
Frike Group – Switzerland
Garlita UAB – Lithuania
Grabner GmbH – Austria
High Rock Recreation – China
Kalas Czech – Republic
Kamer Giyim Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd – Turkey
Kevita International – China
Klassic Socks Ltd. – Romania
LTP Ltd. – Lithuania
LTP Vietnam Co., Ltd – Vietnam
Mintec AB – Sweden
Nicetop Knitters Limited – China
Nurme Production Ltd – Estonia
Omniteksas – Lithuania
Origin Textiles Limited – China
Philko Inc South – Korea
Phu Tuong – Vietnam
Raymond Lanctot Ltd – China
Ridgeview Ltd. Ireland – Portugal
Samhall AB – Sweden
Shanghai Fei Da Down Garments – China
Simon Sports Industries – Pakistan
Sport Field Limited – China
Sprint, spol.sro  EUR Czech – Republic
Starwinn Cycle Corporation – Taiwan
TPC Trading AB – Sweden
Vuerich Stefano Service – Italy
Zenpix International Co Ltd. – Vietnam