Speaking up and reporting unethical behavior

Brav is committed to building a culture of trust. To support this commitment, we encourage our employees and third parties working with us to raise concerns and report any suspected or potential breaches of laws, regulations or internal company policies.


Concerns may include, but are not limited to:

  • Corruption and fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Bullying
  • Harassment and sexual harassment
  • Discrimination in the workplace
  • Social dumping
  • Substance abuse
  • Violation of environmental and human rights
  • Breach of BRAV´s Code of Conduct

Employees have the right and responsibility to report concerns. As an employee, you are encouraged to discuss and report concerns directly to your line manager. In the case you are uncomfortable reporting concerns to your line manager, or your line manager has not addressed a concern appropriately, you may also raise concerns to a Head of Department or the HR Department. If you cannot report using these channels, the concern can also be reported through Brav’s whistleblower helpline. The helpline accommodates anonymous reports. The whistleblower helpline is hosted by a professional third-party provider, KPMG AS.


Protection against retaliation

Brav will not tolerate retaliation against anyone who speaks up. There will be no impact on the individual’s professional career for reporting possible violations in good faith.


How to report?

In the whistleblower helpline you can report through the below channels:

  • Online: Fill in an online form to report the concern. The form is available in English, but you may write in your native language.
  • E-mail: You can send an e-mail to: whistleblowing.brav@kpmg.no
  • Phone: You can call directly to: +47 406 39 400. This service is available Monday to Friday 09:00-15:30 hours (GMT+1). Your phone number will not be displayed to the receiver of the call.


How will we handle the report?

The HR Department will investigate and assess the reported concerns. If relevant we may request our third-party provider KPMG to assist with an objective follow-up investigation. As far as possible, you can expect to be kept informed about the progress and results of the investigation.

Our fundamental principles for follow-up of reported concerns are:

  • All reported concerns are taken seriously and will be given fair and objective treatment.
  • All information and factual reports related to a reported concern will be treated as confidential information, unless there is an explicit consent from the whistleblower to do otherwise.
  • The handling and storage of personal data will be done in accordance with applicable data protection law
  • The legal and human rights of the individual(s) who is (are) the subject of the report will be protected.