Which tools do we have?

  • Code of Conduct for Brav Employees
  • Chart of Authority
  • Governing Documents
  • Brav Portal to ensure transparency and availability of information to all employees
  • Whistler-blower channel

Any Partnerships?

  • External factory auditing partners.

How do we monitor and report?

  • Annual Auditing
  • Regular Employee Surveys
  • Product risk assessment as part of the Timeline
  • General risk assessment in May and November
  • Annual risk assessment report to the Board of Directors
  • Responsibility on the agenda with the Board of Directors
  • Internal Inspections

Ethical trade and anti-corruption

  • We work actively to ensure that our products are produced in compliance with acknowledged standards for ethical trade.

  • Especially, we contribute to the extinction of forced labor, child labor, discrimination, unsafe and unhealthy working environments, and wages below the poverty line.

  • We have zero tolerance for corruption.
    Our main external partners are Ethical Trade Norway, and RISE-Swedish Center for Chemical Substitution.

Read more about Policy for responsible business conduct – BRAV NORWAY AS