Longevity, Maintenance and Repair


Brav's main goal is happy customers and turning dreams into memories, and we wish our products to be with our customers for many memorable adventures.

Longevity, maintenance and repair play important parts in Brav's journey towards a circular business model.  

The most sustainable choice all of us can make is to buy fewer things with higher quality and to maintain and repair our things as long as possible before replacing them.

For longer lasting products, we recommend you to take good care of your products between each use and that you carefully read washing instructions before washing. 

We recommend Toko careline for maintenance and care toko.ch: Care Line
Helsport has had focus on maintenance and repair and been working with repairing products since the 1970's. 
We want to repair your Helsport products, both new and old, and we want a good dialogue between you, the customer and the service center.

Repair should be affordable and easily accessible.
When it comes to complaints, repairs and modifications, we have different solutions available for the customers:

- The repair center Repair centre | Helsport helps our ambassadors modify tents for large expeditions. In this way we can also develop new products, tested and designed in collaboration with the athlete users. 

- The repair center also modifies tents for the happy hiker, who wants that little extra, and repair most sorts of damages. Highlights are when they are receiving tents for repair well maintained for generations, and which after some repair can be used even after many years of use on hikings. 

-  Helsport has several "do it yourself" videos online, and it is possible to order spare parts and extra fabric and thread by contacting our repair centers.

Lundhags' main goal and purpose has ever since the beginning in 1932 been to manufacture high quality shoes that last for a lifetime.

Boot repair has been offered from the very beginning, and since 1980 Lundhags has also sold their their very special leather treatment from an old family recipe which keeps boots lasting even longer.

It is not unusual the Lundhags boots last more than 30 years of use.

Since 1998 Lundhags started manufacturing technical apparel and backpacks with the aim of creating long-lasting products.
As with the boots, Lundhags technical apparel and backpacks have the goal and purpose with function, sustainable materials, longetivity and repair in focus.