As a supplier of sporting goods and equipment for outdoor use, we are committed to taking good care of our customers, securing a safe and healthy working environment for the people developing and producing our products, as well as having a minimal impact on the natural environment.

Our goals for a sustainable development are:

Nature and work environment

  • We provide our customers with products that are safe to use. Our brands and products are to ensure a good reputation when it comes to taking care of nature.
  • We operate in accordance with all current and any future laws and regulations relating to the environment, and we contribute actively to the reduction of unwanted substances in the natural environment.
  • Our products are produced in a secure manner and with little or no impact on the surroundings.
  • Our products are produced in a manner that ensures good animal welfare.

Ethical trade and anti-corruption

  • We work actively to ensure that our products are produced in compliance with acknowledged standards for ethical trade.

  • Especially, we contribute to the extinction of forced labor, child labor, discrimination, unsafe and unhealthy working environments, and wages below the poverty line.

  • We have zero tolerance for corruption.
    Our main external partners are IEH (Ethical Trading Initiative – Norway), and Swerea for chemical issues.


List of suppliers
AB Sparta – Lithuania
AS Paragon Nordic – Norway
Asiana International – Taiwan
B. & C. S.r.l. – Italy
Bula Sports USA Inc. – Canada
Bümag AG – Germany
Bürstenfabrik Erzinger AG – Switzerland
Cayenne International Inc. – Taiwan
Dandong Jiayuan Foreign trade – China
Mengdi Group – China
Dongguan City Maite Sports Co. Ltd China
Easy Carry Enterprises Limited – Thailand
Emanate International Ltd – China
Eusebio – Bangladesh
Ferreira E Correia L.Da – Portugal
Form Orange Produktentwicklung – Austria
Frike Group – Switzerland
Garlita UAB – Lithuania
Grabner GmbH – Austria
High Rock Recreation – China
Kalas Czech – Republic
Kamer Giyim Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd – Turkey
Kevita International – China
Klassic Socks Ltd. – Romania
LTP Ltd. – Lithuania
LTP Vietnam Co., Ltd – Vietnam
Mintec AB – Sweden
Nicetop Knitters Limited – China
Nurme Production Ltd – Estonia
Omniteksas – Lithuania
Origin Textiles Limited – China
Philko Inc South – Korea
Phu Tuong – Vietnam
Raymond Lanctot Ltd – China
Ridgeview Ltd. Ireland – Portugal
Samhall AB – Sweden
Shanghai Fei Da Down Garments – China
Simon Sports Industries – Pakistan
Sport Field Limited – China
Sprint, spol.sro  EUR Czech – Republic
Starwinn Cycle Corporation – Taiwan
TPC Trading AB – Sweden
Vuerich Stefano Service – Italy
Zenpix International Co Ltd. – Vietnam