Cookies are small text files sent from a server to your browser and computer when you visit a web page.

If your browser is set up to accept cookies, they are stored in your browser and on your hard disk and remain active for their respective expiration dates. When a cookie reaches its expiration date, it’s automatically deleted by your browser.

Swix uses cookies to offer you the best possible, customized online experience we can for you - when you visit our websites. We can not and do not use this information to store personal information about you. No personal information collected. The information in cookies we use includes information about navigation, time of visit, browser version, and more.

If you want to learn more about cookies or how to check or delete them, visit for a detailed guide. In addition, some third party ad networks, including Google, allow users to opt out or customize preferences associated with internet browsing.

What cookies do we use?

Domain Name Expires Description _gat 2 years Google Analytics is used to separate visitors from each other. _gali 30 sec. Google Analytics is used to see which links are being clicked. _gid 24 hours Google Analytics is used to separate visitors from each other. _ga 30 days Google Analytics, collecting anonymous information about use and behaviour on the site for statistics. Craft 14 days Craft CMS, sets a unique ID in the browser to separate visitors from each other. CraftSessionID Session Craft CMS, sets a unique ID to separate visitors from each other. The ID is deleted after completion. CRAFT_CSFR_TOKEN Session Craft CMS, protects against Cross-Site Request Forgery Attacks (CSRF). fs_uid 7 days FullStory is used to separate users in the FullStory analysis tool. fr 30 days Facebook. Lets Facebook know if you have visited our pages before and if you have chosen not to accept targeted ads. cookiesEnabled Session Klarna, used to see if you allow cookies and to make the Klarna look easier. TS_ Session, used in the session to separate visitors from each other. svSessioon 14 days, keep track of whether you are logged in or not. __cfduid 1 year Anonymous cookie set by host provider (CloudFlare) to set security settings. PHPSESSID Session Anonymous cookie set in the PHP programming language to control the session. Deleted when session is over. libsyn-paywal 1 day Cookie set by our Podcast player is used to measure how many plays a podcast has. hs Session, used in a session to make the connection to the website safer. popupsmart_X_visit_count 10 years Advertisement. Number of Visits: Tells how many popupsmart scripts have been loaded. popupsmart_X_popup_display_count 10 years Advertisement. Tells how many times and popups have been viewed. popupsmart_X_session_popup_display_count Session Advertisement. Tells how many times a popup has been shown for session.