Do you want to turn dreams into memories?

Current Job Openings

Job TitleTeamLocationDeadline
Visual Merchandiser & Store DesignerRetailLørenskog, NorwayAs soon as possible
Fullstack DeveloperNew BusinessLørenskog/Lillehammer, NorwayAs soon as possible
Purchase PlannerSupply ChainLørenskog, NorwayAs soon as possible
Business developerFinanceLørenskog, NorwayAs soon as possible
Quality ManagerSupply ChainLørenskog, NorwayAs soon as possible
HR Payroll consultantHRLørenskog, NorwayAs soon as possible
Purchase Planning ManagerSupply CHainLørenskog, NorwayAs soon as possible

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Why work at BRAV?

The vision of Brav, turning dreams into memories, is a true and unifying platform for all our people.
We have a shared passion for an active lifestyle and sustainable way of life.


We like to see all our people succeed, across company lines and regardless of position. With a clearly-defined common goal, a diversity of opinions serves as the driving force to identifying ever better solutions. We are a community, a pack. As pack members we learn from each other. Protect and take care of each other. Lift each other’s spirits. We achieve more as a group, than we ever can alone.


Our employees have a passionate relationship to their work. It’s a unique situation when work and leisure activities overlap. This should be recognised and encouraged. It’s from passion that the desire to know and to learn springs, and from this it’s just a short step forward to expertise and innovation. Passion is also a stimulant to the desire to improve and to achieve perfection.


We must have the courage to challenge each other. The audacity to challenge our competitors. The will and courage to succeed in new markets. If we have the courage and purpose to embark on the challenging journeys, then we surely have the same will and courage to succeed.

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.”
–William GT.